How To Serve Afternoon Tea

. That, however, is a definite no! Only when you are standing or seated without a table in front of you may you elevate your saucer. Even so, the saucer ought to be kept apart except when drinking.

High tea is NOT afternoon tea.
Depending on the time, you might refer to it as afternoon tea or high tea. Traditionally, afternoon tea is served from 3 to 5 p.m. High tea is then offered starting at 5 p.m. more as an early dinner.

The location of the handle
You should always have your handle pointing in the same direction, keeping with the time motif. The handle should be in your right hand if you are

Avoid Making A Whirlpool
Avoid trying to create a whirlpool when stirring your tea. Even while it’s entertaining, it’s not polite. Instead, you should stir between the hours of 12 and 6. It almost seems like you should consider the cup as a clock.

Do not round the cup with your hands.

Do not be misled; this is not a Starbucks commercial where snow is falling and someone is holding a mug. Instead of a mug, a cup is used for tea. The loop is where you pinch your thumb and index finger. Then, to support the cup, place your middle finger under the handle.

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